Make the right decisions quickly: Inspired Usability

SeeTec Cayuga can be used intuitively and without a long familiarization phase – this means that you can focus on what's important. This begins with the modern user interface: uncluttered and clearly structured. SeeTec Cayuga combines the benefits of modern operating concepts with tried and trusted functionality and ergonomics – such as in glare-free night mode.

As a result you maintain an overview and are able to respond quickly to events – whether you are currently working in live, archive or configuration mode. This is a benefit that becomes more important the greater the number of image sources and locations in a company that need to be kept in view simultaneously.

Efficient Alarm Management

  • With alarm counter and toast messages, all current alarms remain "on the screen" even in Archive mode
  • Clearer layout via classification of the alarms: alarm types can be differentiated in Archive mode at a glance via different colored alarm tracks
  • Better understanding of events thanks to the multi-way view: What happened before the alarm, what triggered the alarm and what is happening at present? 

Player with Clear Layout

  • Shuttle wheel for rapid navigation in Archive mode
  • Bookmarking makes it easier to find events in the archive
  • Export of sequences in one step via selection pins (export procedures in the background are displayed via counters and progress bars)
SeeTec Cayuga Archive Player
SeeTec Cayuga Archive Player

Time-saving Functionalities

  • Multiple configuration for simultaneous editing of multiple cameras in one working step – including across several locations
  • Camera selection via lasso directly in the layout plan – for rapid interpretation of situations
  • Interconnection of views on video walls via drag & drop