Convenient System Management: Configuration and Administration

SeeTec Cayuga adapts to the structure of your company – and therefore supports from one up to several thousand cameras. Via the distributed installation of the software across multiple servers, the overall system can be optimally dimensioned and expanded at any time. This means that the servers can also be available at different locations if required.

The architecture of SeeTec Cayuga is based on a strict physical separation of clients and servers. The saving of the image data and the communication with the cameras are integrated as system services. For this reason, no separate program needs to be started on the server and no local login is required.

Hierarchical Administration

Every user can be individually allocated detailed rights to cameras, control elements (e.g. PTZ control) and additional SeeTec Cayuga components such as buttons or layout plans. The user rights matrix forms the organigram of your company: This means that even systems distributed worldwide with several thousand cameras and numerous locations can be managed and controlled centrally using SeeTec Cayuga.

Alarm Scenarios – as Individual as your Company

Even though many workflows within a sector are the same – every company has its own processes. SeeTec Cayuga therefore allows you to define complex alarm routines individually. In a type of matrix, any start events (e.g. motion detection, events from video analysis, I/O contact, network I/O, button) can trigger a variety of different actions. These include alarm recording and visualization, sending triggers to third party systems via physical I/O contacts or network I/Os, sending video sequences via email and FTP as well as launching external programs. This means that a customized workflow can be set up for each alarm situation, offering optimal support for the security personnel and facilitating a rapid response.

To make creating an alarm scenario as simple as possible, SeeTec Cayuga provides an alarm wizard that guides the user step by step to the goal. Naturally the alarm scenarios are based on the detailed rights concept of SeeTec Cayuga and can be assigned to individual users or user groups.

Fail-safe Security via Failover Concept

In SeeTec Cayuga, in the event of a failure two functions ensure that the video system continues to run and remains accessible at all times:

  • In case of failure of one or more recording servers, a hot standby server immediately takes over the image recording. The image data does not have to be transferred back later. (available for SeeTec Infinity X)
  • If the central management server is no longer accessible, a proxy server is engaged that provides temporary storage for all relevant configuration data and access rights. The system continues to work in "island mode" and can be operated without faults.

Microsoft Cluster and virtualization are also supported.

SeeTec Cayuga Failover Concept
SeeTec Cayuga Failover Concept