Protection of privacy and data: in accordance with legal regulations

SeeTec Cayuga offers various mechanisms to protect the privacy of employees, customers and visitors. This means that sensitive areas of the image or moving objects can be anonymized. System access can also be secured via the four-eye principle (input of a second password).

SeeTec Cayuga is also well protected on the system level: Data between the server and client is sent encrypted – one reason why SeeTec Cayuga has various certifications, e.g. for use within the financial sector.

Privacy Masking

Sensitive image areas are masked by a freely definable area and hidden in the live and archive images, depending on rights. This means that social areas, public areas or keyboards to enter PIN numbers can be removed from the video monitoring, for example.

Motion Scrambling

Moving objects or objects that differ from a reference image defined in advance are displayed pixelated in the live image and thus anonymized.


Data transmission between the clients and servers as well as between all SeeTec modules is always carried out on the basis of AES-encrypted connections. To protect the data transmission between camera and recording server as well, the https standard can be used (depending on the camera model).


For use in the financial sector in particular, SeeTec Cayuga has the relevant certifications – such as the "BGV/UVV Kassen" certificate that defines the requirements for video surveillance in financial institutions in Germany. Fiducia IT AG, the largest IT service provider for credit unions,has also approved SeeTec Cayuga for use on their IT systems.

SeeTec Privacy Masking
SeeTec Privacy Masking