Limitless Networking: Interfaces and Integrations

SeeTec Cayuga integrates seamlessly into existing and new system environments via interfaces. This is an important prerequisite, especially in large projects with multiple applications communicating with one another or with multiple locations. SeeTec Cayuga fulfills all possible requirements: in addition to direct integration of a variety of hardware and software solutions, a range of standards and protocols is supported – exceeding the scope of traditional security applications. 

This also offers economic advantages: the outlay is low for new installations because SeeTec Cayuga can be easily integrated into existing system environments. Thanks to the broad scope of integration, older devices and systems can still continue to be used – for sustainable solutions.

Graph: SeeTec Cayuga Solution Architecture
SeeTec Cayuga connects a multitude of different system components

Hardware Integration

  • SeeTec Cayuga is not dependent on a specific manufacturer, over 1000 camera models from around 40 manufacturers are supported. We follow a principle of maximum possible integration depth and support functions such as multi-streaming, virtual cameras or movement detection on the terminal.
  • Many additional camera models can also be integrated via the ONVIF standard.
  • Analog cameras and systems are integrated via video servers and can therefore still be used.
  • I/O modules can be used to send and receive control signals – this means that doors can be opened by clicking on the SeeTec interface, for example.

System Integration

  • Sector-specific IT systems such as cash register and merchandise management solutions are integrated quickly and easily via a driver-based concept.
  • Security systems such as building management and PSIM systems, access control systems, intruder and fire alarm systems as well as alarm centers and control room solutions are integrated via interfaces.
  • Other third-party systems can be integrated via network I/Os and TCP triggers – this means, for example, that an event in access control can trigger an alarm in SeeTec Cayuga.
  • VoIP-compatible devices are included due to the support of various SIP servers – this permits bidirectional voice communication between clients and voice stations directly in SeeTec Cayuga.
  • SeeTec Cayuga uses a server interface to support the leading system-wide standard in automation and security technology: OPC UA. This means, for example, that link-ups to access control or building management systems can be implemented.

Analytics Integration

Server-based or camera-based analysis applications from other manufacturers can be integrated flexibly via the standardized SeeTec Analytics Interface. Plugins from the following providers are currently certified:

  • ACIC Activity Detection (server-based and camera-based)
  • Axis Perimeter Defender (camera-based)
  • Bosch IVA (camera-based)
  • Canon (camera-based)
  • CogVis arealvis, gatevis, objectvis (server-based)
  • Digital Barriers Safezone 3D Wintel/edge (server-based and camera-based)
  • Flir Flux (server-based)
  • Securiton IPS Analytics Manager (server-based and camera-based)
  • Siemens Site IQ (server-based

SDK - Software Development Kit

Of course SeeTec Cayuga can be integrated into third party systems as well – using a Software Development Kit with detailed documentation.