Everything Under Control: Clients and Access Options

In our mobile world, video management is required to function regardless of location. For this reason, SeeTec Cayuga offers access options and transmission solutions that allow you to monitor your company at all times and from anywhere. Naturally your data is secure at all times – our comprehensive functionalities for data protection and encryption guarantee this.

Windows Client

Windows-based client that permits the complete system operation and management – in Live, Archive and Configuration modes. The client is available for 64 and 32 bit systems.

SeeTec Cayuga Windows Client
SeeTec Cayuga Windows Client

Web Client

The Web Client permits platform-independent access to installations with SeeTec Cayuga from a PC connected to the internet – live and in Archive mode. It can be operated under Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X and Linux and only requires a current web browser. Additional plug-ins are not required as all input formats (e.g. Motion JPEG, MPEG4, H.264) are converted into a standardized format via the SeeTec Transcoding Service.

Mobile Client

The Mobile Client offers rapid system access on the move via tablets and smartphones (iOS and Android). In addition to the live view from camera images, it permits archive research as well as the editing of alarms. This means that security personnel can respond to events even during a patrol, for example.

Display Agent/Virtual Matrix

Large-screen systems and video walls from different manufacturers can be linked in either via manufacturer-specific split computers or using the SeeTec Display Agent. The video walls can be controlled via a standard SeeTec client, views and cameras can be linked in simply via drag & drop.

Multi Installation Login

A SeeTec client can be connected to up to 10 different SeeTec installations simultaneously – with access to all cameras, views and alarms. The ideal solution for small alarm centers or for business parks with centralized security services.

SeeTec Anywhere

This allows the SeeTec Cayuga Windows Client to be started on any Windows-based computer without the software having been installed in advance. SeeTec Anywhere offers all the functions of an installed client such as Live and Archive views as well as administration and system configuration – naturally taking account of individual user rights.

Support for Citrix and Remote Desktop

Since version R3, the SeeTec Cayuga Windows Client can also be used on workstations with Citrix Desktop virtualization solutions. In particular for maintenance and configuration purposes, the Windows Client can also be operated from another PC via Remote Desktop connections.