Keeping in View What's Really Important

To filter the important information out from a flood of video images, ingenious analysis routines are required. Using individually definable detection rules, SeeTec video analysis automatically directs the view to relevant events. This helps security personnel to detect situations quickly, determine possible hazard situations promptly – and draw the correct conclusions.

SeeTec Analytics Server 3D

To ensure the global availability of a powerful video analysis solution for perimeter protection and to protect goods and buildings with SeeTec Cayuga, SeeTec offers server-based solutions in the analytics product range.

Based on the experience of international analysis specialists, SeeTec Analytics Server 3D provides professional 3D video analysis which, thanks to sophisticated filter technologies for eliminating interference such as shadows, leaves, snow or rain, is also perfectly suited for outdoor use. The underlying technology is also certified for sterile zone monitoring. SeeTec Analytics is available as a server-based solution and can be managed via a central interface offering intuitive operation. Via automatic calibration and scene analysis, the detection rules can be set and adjusted quickly and easily.

SeeTec Analytics Server 3D
SeeTec Analytics Server 3D


Supported Scenario Types


An alarm is triggered when one or more person(s) and/or vehicle(s) enter a selected or targeted zone or area (from any direction and with any trajectory).

Zone Crossing
Zone Crossing

An alarm is triggered when a person and/or a vehicle passes through two targeted zones in a given sequence or in an incorrect direction.


An alarm is triggered when a person and/or a vehicle remains in a target zone, area, or defined place longer than the predefined number of seconds.


An alarm is triggered when a person and/or a vehicle enters a target zone but did not first pass through or originate from one or more selected zones.

Your Benefits

Powerful & reliable

  • Fully integrated one-stop-shop solution
  • Highly reliable detection
  • Based on technology certified for protection of sterile zones

Easy to deploy

  • Fast and easy installation
  • Close-to-zero configuration
  • Planning tool for optimized system design


  • Runs on SeeTec server hardware
  • Only little CPU power required per channel
  • Saves network bandwidth

SeeTec Analytics Interface

With the SeeTec Analytics Interface you can also use edge device and server based analysis applications from other manufacturers in SeeTec Cayuga. The metadata generated in third party software (objects, events) are sent to SeeTec Cayuga in a standardized format and can trigger alarms there, for example. Please note that the availability of the SeeTec Analytics Interface depends on the basic license package.

Supported Manufacturers & Products

  • ACIC Activity Detection (server-based and camera-based)
  • Axis Perimeter Defender (camera-based)
  • Bosch IVA (camera-based)
  • Canon (camera-based)
  • CogVis arealvis, gatevis, objectvis (server-based)
  • Digital Barriers Safezone 3D Wintel/edge (server-based and camera-based)
  • Flir Flux (server-based)
  • Securiton IPS Analytics Manager (server-based and camera-based)
  • Siemens Site IQ (server-based)


As a search function for the rapid tracking of events in the archive image material, ISearch facilitates time-saving archive research: In just seconds, the automated analysis of a marked area in the archive image can be tracked even for a monitoring period of several weeks as to when an object moves or has changed.

Motion Detection

SeeTec Cayuga includes an algorithm for server-based motion detection that can be used with all available cameras or video servers on the system. The "Record on Motion" function can be defined for each video channel with just one click so that movements in the camera image automatically start alarm recording – without an alarm scenario having to be created for this in several steps. In addition, SeeTec Cayuga supports camera-based motion detection for numerous manufacturers and camera models.