The SeeTec Logistics Suite

The growth of the logistics sector demands ever more efficient processes. Reliability and speed make the difference in terms of customer satisfaction. Consistent quality management is becoming increasingly important in combination with the relevant certifications (ISO 9001, "Known Consignor"). The SeeTec Logistics Suite offers solutions for all these challenges.

The SeeTec Logistics Suite includes the SeeTec Cayuga core software, SeeTec Business Application Server and Client, an interface for ERP and warehouse management systems as well as the connection of different locating systems. Individual elements are combined in accordance with the requirements selected in the project to create a solution. This means that information can be defined in different ways:

  • image data becomes more easily accessible by linking it to posting data from the ERP system.
  • Image data is enriched with standard information from localization systems.
  • The configurable research interface of the SeeTec Business Application Client permits the combination of different search criteria.
SeeTec Logistics Client
SeeTec Logistics Client

The system approach of the SeeTec Multi Solution Platform, in combination with the SeeTec Logistics Suite, permits the following logistics-relevant applications:

  • Surveillance of goods handling and order picking
  • Dispatch tracking
  • Documentation of the transfer of liabilities
  • Damage management
  • Building security
  • Perimeter surveillance
  • License plate recognition

The SeeTec Logistics Suite was developed on the basis of many years of experience and a wide project basis and reflects the needs of logistics service providers and logistics departments in trade and industry. It permits the simple, rapid and seamless tracking of shipments and packages, uncovering weak points in the process and optimizing the overall logistics chain.